The Busanga Plains is known to be the best place for wildlife viewing in the Kafue National Park and Kasonso – our bushcamp is located right in the heart of the prime game-viewing area. It would make sense then as to why we were expecting big things ahead of our opening season… and thankfully, we have not been disappointed!  All of our guests who visited have reported back having had a fantastic time with superb game viewing and multiple lion sightings! 

That being said, we’ve managed to put together some picture highlights of the season so far, which you can see below:

This moment was captured by guest Bogomil Ballanksy and shows 3 month-year-old cub desperate to get Dad’s attention. When Dad didn’t respond, the cub turned its attention to a more willing playmate, his 9 month old brother.

This feisty hyena was nicknamed Triple after his front right leg became paralyzed as a result of a fight. He has since become a household name in the area due to the fact that he is still alive! This photo was taken just after he was seen feasting on a lechwe antelope which has been killed by a leopard. 

Who would’ve thought you could visit the Busanga and leave with a lion cub named after you? Meet Alex, newborn cub name after the guest who saw him first. 

The lions in the area are known to be very relaxed… as is the case with the lioness pictured above who has often been seen resting on our LODGE DECK! 

The variety of wildlife you can expect to see in the Busanga. © Bogomil Balkansky